International Women’s Day – Fashion’s Female Impactors

Ashley McDonnell - International Women's Day

Happy International Women’s Day! This year I’m marking the day with a blog post depicting women with big visions in the fashion industry that have certainly left a positive impact on our planet, whilst remaining fabulously stylish – enjoy the read!

Stella McCartney – Animal Welfare Warrior


Daughter of a music legend and founder of an ethical fashion empire, Stella set a precedent for style queens in creating chic, faux leather accessories and RTW collections without harming our furry friends. Her vegan or “vegetal” leather creations are iconic in design and texture, but also in being one of the world’s only vegetarian fashion houses. Stella’s legacy has grown throughout the years, creating initiatives such as “Meat Free Monday”, which has been blossoming in popularity thanks to celebrity chef and healthy food activist Jamie Oliver. Ethical trade, responsible sourcing and partnerships with endless charities and foundations, Stella is nothing short of a wonder woman!

Stella McCartney - The Style Scruple

Vivienne Westwood – The Planet Saving Dame

Vivienne Westwood - The Style Scruple

I’ve previously blogged about my love for Vivienne Westwood and her sheer originality and personality that shines throughout her collections. Her efforts to reduce our negative impact on the environment have not gone unnoticed, with the eccentric designer dedicating entire season’s to nature-inspired lines.

“The fight is no longer between the classes or between rich and poor but between the idiots and the eco-conscious.”

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood - The Style Scuple

Ali Hewson – Bringing Trade Rather Than Aid to Africa


Last but not least, our Irish female fashion influencer: businesswoman, activist and wife of Bono, Ali Hewson. Ali has paved the way for international fashion houses creating a presence on the African continent, with a strong artistic influence and the majority of production taking place in Africa. Fashion house EDUN is not only ethical in its production in terms of human impact, it is also eco-friendly, with garments being created in organic cotton.

EDUN - The Style Scruple