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Firenze to Milano | Food & Travel

The Style Scruple | Ashley McDonnell

A few months ago I found myself once again preparing to pack my bags and bid farewell to Paris – but this time it was for good, not just the weekend. The romance, charm and warmth of historic Roma was calling to me, yet at the same time I felt I had unfinished business in Paris.

The Style Scruple | Ashley McDonnell


Two historic European cities, each with their own stories, opportunities and unquestionable beauty – where to go? I decided that Paris, and more specifically Dior, was where I both wanted and needed to be. Rather than throw away my Italian dream, I accepted that it’s something I’ll save for later in life.

The Style Scruple | Ashley McDonnell

Fashion in Florence Exhibition : Through the Lens of Archivio Foto Locchi

Instead of throwing myself directly into my new job, I took a few weeks to revaluate, set goals, take a general breather and enjoy life. Where did I do this? Italy. Good idea, bad idea? Fantastic idea!


Duomo di Milano

I traveled from the Italian Alps to Milano and right down to Florence – mainly eating and visiting museums (no place better than Italy for it!).


Veggie Sushi at Kome, Florence

I had a terrible internet connection, found myself constantly in situations where I was the only non-Italian native (buongiorno!) and ate enough focaccia to feed a small town.



Not in photos because I was too busy eating: La Giostra, Florence. Without question one of the best restaurants I’ve ever eaten in. They’ve certainly earned their rock star wall of fame!



Also not in photos because I was once again too busy enjoying my food: Osteria Del Binari, Milan. For an authentic Milanese cuisine in rustic surroundings, look no further.


Sunset leaving Milan


So for now, I am firmly grounded in Paris (although I do tend to fly out quite often!). Stay tuned for many more travel posts in the coming months – I’ve once again found my lust for exploring.