The Ultimate Thai Bucket List

Ashley McDonnell - The Style Scruple

Oh Thailand… The more I write about you, the more I crave the taste of pad Thai and the comfort of a ridiculous looking pair of elephant print trousers that the locals would never actually wear.

The Ultimate Thai Bucket List – where to begin?

Bangkok: I’ve already blogged about Bangkok, check it out for all of the tips and tricks on how to survive this city.

Chang Mai: If you want to immerse yourself in the wild jungles of the Kingdom of Thailand, take a quick (and very affordable) flight north of Bangkok and live like the natives, sleeping in wooden huts on stilts and trekking up mountains by day. Beware, you might want to bring some protein bars with you, as the locals tend to cook up their meals in a less than stomach-friendly fashion.

The Style Scruple - Ashley McDonnell

Koh Tao: Or KOH-TAH-O-KOH-TA-O! as the locals tend to scream. This island is the ultimate paradise, with a beach lined with bars and restaurants and rolling green hills, island life can’t get much more picturesque. For happy hour every hour, go to the Rock, where you’ll also be treated to fire shows that sometimes even get interactive. This is where I also fell in love with scuba diving and is nothing short of a scuba diver’s dream (check out Seashell Divers). Lastly, to really immerse yourself, take a cooking class and learn how to make the most delicious Thai meals from scratch. You’ll be set for the head chef position at Camile after a day with these ladies!

The Style Scruple - Ashley McDonnell

Koh Phangan: Did someone say full moon? Root out those neon tutus and luminous nail varnishes, it’s time to rave! Book your accommodation WAY in advance for this island as it’s above maximum capacity when the moon is out. Another fun thing to do here is go to an MMA fight, as some of the world’s best fighters train here. If you’re feeling really adventurous? Spend a day climbing a mountain, fighting your way through a jungle to a secret waterfall, snorkelling in a sea slug infested beach and (just about) canoeing to islands with no names. I’m probably not really selling this experience here, but check out the article I wrote at the time to understand the adrenalin rush you’ll get on one of these adventures.

Kayaking in Thailand | The Style Scruple

Koh Phi Phi: I mean, it’s Koh Phi Phi. You’ve just got to do it!

White Water Rafting Thailand | The Style Scruple

Phuket: Interesting isn’t even the word. If you start in Bangkok, you’ll think you’ve seen it all. And then you arrive onto Bangla Road… Lady boys and ping pong aside, there are plenty of other things to do in Phuket. Make your way to the James Bond Island or throw yourself down a river like we did. PS. If you lose your oar, you get fined €50!

I hope this has been of help in mapping out where you’d like to visit in Thailand! Whether you’re looking for a nightlife experience, underwater discoveries, a sun holiday or a gastronomic dream, Thailand has something for everyone.