Things to Do in Dubai | Post 1

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

Before coming to Dubai, I never really understood what there was to do here. Why fly so far for a holiday if you can catch some cheaper rays in Spain? I’ve made a complete turnaround on this after the last few days, but I think having local (or expat!) advice is definitely a must to ensure a good trip.

Two of my favourite things that we’ve done here so have been visiting the Deira Spice Souk in Old Dubai and our day in the desert, dune bashing and camel riding.

Deira Spice Souk, Old Dubai

If you’ve watched Sex and the City  2, you’ll remember how Carrie explored the souk in Abu Dhabi and fell in love with a pair of pointy-toed, Arabian-style ballet pumps, covered in beads of all colours and of course costing next to nothing. We had a similar moment but fortunately didn’t leave our passports behind.

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

Turban : Public Romance | Dress : Zara | Sunglasses: Ray Ban

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

Ladies will have men at their heels, echoing “Shakira, Maria, Margarida!” – it was certainly an experience. Behind closed (or even hidden) doors are thousands of Céline’s, Louis Vuitton’s and Michael Kors bags. Spice isn’t all that’s on offer in the Deira Souk.

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

We took a boat for 1 dirham (the cheapest transaction we’ve made here!) and crossed the river to the Textiles Souk, which I also highly recommend doing.

Dune Bashing in the Desert

We were picked up around 3.30PM in a Landcruiser kitted out with roll bars and ready for action in the rolling hills of the desert. When we arrived at the Oasis, there was already a sea of people and white jeeps. We swapped drivers and welcomed a crazy man while saying goodbye to Niamh who sat it out for the experience. Within 2 seconds, all of our belongings were up in the air and we spent 30 minutes being thrown around the back of the jeep, with a 10-minutee break in the middle to take photos (hence the bad hair!).

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

We went with a company called Dubai Desert Safari who offer the best prices, and pick you up wherever you want.


The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

Dress: Mango | Sandals : River Island | Necklace : Topshop

The Style Scruple | Things to Do in Dubai

The evening didn’t end there, and as the sun set, we rode camels across the desert before sitting down for henna tattoos and some middle-east style entertainment. The night ended with a BBQ and a few more minutes of spontaneous dune bashing in the dark before making our way home.

There’s lots more to come on Things to Do in Dubai, as my trip hasn’t even come to an end yet!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading,